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Provide End to end solutions with industry standards techniques implemented for successful delivery of renewable & sustainable energy projects promptly

Our Creative & highly skilled engineering team keep in check with the swift execution of design , Installation, operation and maintenance processes at our client’s place.

We add our expertise to offer our client’s businesses with high efficiency renewable energy resources as per their requirement.

We are keeping our Mother Earth green by providing people with renewable energy and making it accessible and affordable to all.

How Solar Energy system works ?

Why Choose Us

Years of Experience

With Years Of Experience in Solar Power, Solaris Techno is a leading advocate for clean energy solutions that are compatible with existing grid systems.

Exceptional Customer Service

We have Got Exceptional customer service at all times. All projects are promptly executed, no questions asked.

Quality solar Panel

We provide quality solar panels for homes, businesses and retail stores. We are the largest provider of affordable residential or commercial PVmodules.

Years Warranty

All our Products comes with Years of Warranty.

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Mw electricity saved​

Corporate Video

This explanatory video  helps  many Industry owners  to understand and be one of the most profitable , energy efficient, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible businesses around.

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Indian Dairy Machinery

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