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Solaris Techno founded in 2017 with a motive to provide world class Solar Energy Products which can be used in Industries ,Commercial Work Place to Residential Buildings and bring revolution in the extensive use of solar energy and strengthen green revolution. World Knows that the Sun is an amazing source of energy .Solar Energy Is a clean source of energy as no green house gas emissions are released into the atmosphere when we use solar panels to create electricity.

We at Solaris Techno as a team are passionate about clean energy and renewable energy technologies, and we want to change the way the world thinks about it. We believe that renewable energy should be accessible, affordable and green. We believe that the benefits of renewable energy are enormous. Our mission is to help people reduce their carbon footprint, and we are able to do this by supporting companies and governments in developing solar energy technologies. We work with companies and industries to provide access to clean and renewable energy.

We build secure, solar energy infrastructure, and we help companies to access clean, renewable energy solutions that will make a difference in their bottom line. Our objective is to promote solar energy as a viable, positive economic development solution for all people.

Our company’s mission is to help the people of India and abroad realize their dream of being able to be independent and secure in their energy choices, as well as developing solar energy technologies and increasing the usage of renewable energy resources. We believe that our company has been developed in the right way and we are dedicated to developing and promoting renewable energy industry in India. We are committed to making this a reality.

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