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Renewable Energy Resource :Solar Energy

Solar energy is energy from the sun in the form of radiated heat and light. The sun’s radiant energy can be used to provide lighting and heat for buildings and to produce electricity.Historically, solar energy has been harnessed through passive solar technologies.Solar energy can be harnessed only during the day and only if the sunlight is not blocked by clouds, buildings or other obstacles.Today, two active solar technologies that involve electrical or mechanical equipment are becoming more common. First, solar collectors or panels are used to heat water or ventilation air for use in buildings. Second, solar photovoltaic technology uses solar cells to convert sunlight directly into electricity.

The potential for solar energy varies across India. The potential is lower in coastal areas, due to increased cloud coverage, and is higher in the central regions. The solar potential varies even more around the globe. In general, many Indian cities have a solar potential that is comparable internationally with that of many major cities. For instance, about half of India’s residential electricity requirements could be met by installing solar panels on the roofs of residential buildings.India’s use of solar energy has increased in recent years.

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