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There is an increase in consumption of electricity at household and commercial spaces. Paying for higher electricity bills can disturb your monthly budgets. Using Solar Roof Tops to generate electricity will massively lower down your bills. You can save up to 50 to 60% of your current electric bills. The Government Of India is encouraging residential as well as commercial spaces to install Solar Roof tops to save energy and making green energy revolution a success in days to come. Solaris Techno has powered 1000 + homes through various Government Schemes in India


The Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission of the Indian government is planning to install utility scale grid-connected solar photovoltaic systems including rooftop photovoltaic systems with the combined capacity of up to 100 gig watts by 2022, said a report in Forbes published on Tuesday. This plan represents nearly 70% more installed PV than India’s total power generation from wind and thermal plants has been over the past decade.
Solar Rooftop for residential installation is economical and pocket friendly.
Solar Rooftop for commercial installation are also economical and add value to your commercial spaces by giving a fantastic Return of Investment by cutting down on the high electricity bills.
Solar Rooftop for Institution such as Schools, Hospital, Colleges etc immensely saves energy an helping green energy revolution. 

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